With original programming available across mobile, streaming services, web destinations and broadcast networks, Awesomeness has built an active and engaged audience of millions with premium series like "Tagged," "Foursome," "Light As A Feather," and "My Dream Quinceanera." Awesomeness also boasts a roster of influential content creators like Liza Koshy, Jordyn Jones, the Merrell twins and Jenn McAllister.

Awesomeness, a subsidiary of Paramount, is a media company serving the global Gen Z audience through its film and television studios. Since 2012, Awesomeness has created original programming and cultivated an audience made up of one of the most coveted and difficult to reach demographics. As a leading media brand for this generation, Awesomeness’ world-wide distribution footprint spans owned, social and premium SVOD platforms. The company also includes a creative agency, creator network, and brand partnerships division. Awesomeness is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York and London.